The company was founded in 1997. At first the company focused its operations on environmental protection activities only, designing and introducing household and process waste treatment technologies was the main area of operation. In the following years the offer was extended by the design works performed for the municipal and communal waste treatment plants and process line start-ups in the newly constructed and modernized treatment facilities. At the turn of the century a separate department involved in publishing was established. Autumn of the year 2000 saw the first issue of the newspaper Millennium Gazeta Budowlana. A year later, under the auspices of the newspaper, the first conference of the Regional Seminar cycle - Trade fairs for architects, designers and institutions was held in Wrocław. The formula of cyclic monthly seminar meetings of the building materials manufacturers with the designers proved so useful that in 2002 the same started in Poznań, Kraków and Katowice. In 2003 there already were 12 centers in Poland, and in 2004 the whole of the country was covered by the seminar meetings. 2005 was a breakthrough in our seminar activities as we established separate seminars designed for mechanical and heating installations designers. Next year separate seminars were created for architects and interior designers and later for LV installation designers. 2007 was the launch of www.magazynbudowlany.pl construction industry trade website and its printed version Magazyn Budowlany - reporting annals of the subjects regarding new materials and technologies raised during the seminars. The same year the offer was extended by supervision services and architectural-archaeological surveys required by the historic monuments conservation office as a part of construction, modernization and extension of the existing structures and water, gas and sewage networks. In 2008 the second business entity (general partnership) was established and started its parallel operation for the purposes of our extended business activities.

Company mission

The task for both companies is to render high quality services to meet the expectations of our Clients. Client satisfaction is the sense and the goal of our thinking and actions.

Company values

The greatest value of our company are the employees whose task is to constantly improve their professional skills. We are consistent in our actions and aim at constant development. We are strong with our efficiency and creativity of all our employees.

We care about our common good, we care about the environment we live in and the surroundings we work in.