Design processes

Design processes (also called basic processes) provide the Client with the highest quality services in line with the requirements and expectations, ecophysiographic conditions of the area intended for an undertaking, as well as with mandatory regulations and standards. Each order is an individual and unique design suited for individual expectations and needs.

The scope of services rendered by Biotop Biuro Inżynierii Środowiska encompasses the following stages of undertakings:

  • conceptual designs
  • basic designs, building permit designs and execution designs
  • specialist designs and expert engineering evaluations
  • maintenance services and design supervision

Conceptual-study designs

  • we produce wide variety of conceptual-study designs. They include: research and analysis of physical and chemical properties of water and municipal, household and process sewage
  • study designs of the planned undertakings
  • water and sewage processes
  • preparatory works for process lines start-ups

Basic designs, building permit designs and execution designs

Construction and start-up process is preceded by drawing up required technical documentation and obtaining necessary authorizations and formal-legal approvals. We produce complete design documentation (basic designs, building permit designs and execution designs) for public buildings, industrial facilities and private construction. The scope of works encompasses:

  • gas distribution networks and supply installations
  • civil engineering design:
    - architectural-construction designs of industrial facilities and general construction,
    - networks and installations for water supply, central heating and sewage disposal, and waste treatment plants,
    - ventilation and air conditioning, gas and oil boiler plants
    - internal fire protection and sprinkler installations
  • designing new treatment plants and modernization of the existing ones
  • LPG filling stations
  • liquid gas installation design

Specialist designs, expert engineering evaluations

  • specialist designs regarding start-up and acceptance tests
  • boiler plants reconstruction and renovation designs
  • statements of water management conditions
  • environmental impact assessment reports and analyses

Maintenance services and design supervision

Design supervision is a form of maintenance provided by a designer during performance of the undertaking. It makes it possible to protect the clients' interests against undesirable effects due to inappropriate performance of construction works and possible failures which may result from mistakes made during construction, assembly or start-up.

  • we provide expert consulting services in the scope of: on-site personnel trainings
  • engineering and technical audits of process facilities in operation
  • services during the launch, and treatment plant start-up and operation manuals