Environmental Protection

This offer is for towns and communes authorities and production plants managers who intend to construct new treatment plants or modernize and extend the existing ones.

  • As regards the environmental protection we specialize in water-sewage management issues. Our operations mainly consists in developing waste treatment technologies on the basis of physical-chemical analysis, and subsequent designing of new waste treatment plants, and extending and modernizing the existing ones
  • we provide design services, study designs (conceptual designs, feasibility studies) including technical designs (building permit designs and execution designs of municipal, household and process waste treatment plants)
  • we design sanitary, rainwater, combined and process waste sewer systems
  • we run process line start-ups and train staffs in operation and usage of waste treatment plants
  • we prepare specialist documents like environmental impact assessment reports, statements of water management conditions, etc.
  • our solutions employ the optimal technologies chosen individually in accordance with current conditions
  • we work with the most up-to-date CAD software (including 3D imagining)

Research and supervision

This offer is for institutions which carry out the undertakings required by the province historic monuments conservation office to be supervised by architects and archaeologists.

The scope of our services encompasses:

  • pre-investment complex archaeological and archaeological-architectural surveys complying with the requirements of the province historic monuments conservation office
  • archaeological and heritage conservator supervision
  • development of research programmes
  • gathering information and archaeological data (expert opinions, dating)
  • drawing up documents required when filing for earthworks permit from the province historic monuments conservation office

Regional Seminar - Trade Fair

This offer is for building materials manufacturers or main importers/distributors of the materials in Poland, who acknowledge the importance of reaching the designers and promoting their solutions.

Seminars divided according to the subject area:

  • Architecture and Construction industry - seminars for architects and structural engineers
  • Interior architecture - seminars for architects and interior designers
  • Mechanical installations and Heating technology - seminars for HVAC and plumbing designers
  • Electrical installations and Building automation systems - seminars for LV installation designers

Construction trade website

This offer is for building materials manufacturers or main importers/distributors of the materials in Poland who want to reach the designers, investors, contractors and distributors in a quick and inexpensive way.

A data sheet can be published in one of the 9 main sections of the website. The sheet includes general information about a product and bookmarks for designers, contractors, investors and distributors. The website has been constructed in such a way as to enable self-editing of the sheets using only basic functions of the MS Word.

Gazeta budowlana

This offer is for private investors and medium and small contracting companies interested in new building materials products and technologies, thermal efficiency improvement, housing estates under construction, investment opportunities in towns and communes, facts and events, regulations and standards to be observed throughout the construction process.

Magazyn budowlany

This offer is for designers. A designer's guide to the Polish market of building materials and products, software and legal regulations the knowledge of which is indispensable in everyday work. Magazyn Budowlany is an answer to designers' requests for comprehensive representation of all subjects discussed during the Regional Seminars in Poland.

We are looking forward to doing business with you!